“Your results were well beyong what I had expected…”

To my IRS Angel with heart felt thanks! When I was first introduced to your firm, it was with a certain amount of trepidation because I had just come from my attorney’s office seeking assistance to relieve me from another company (TV advertised) with whom, regretfully, I got myself involved.

While in the waiting room when I first entered your office, I was able to read some of the literature and letters on the wall of your successful results in helping others that had similar problems with the IRS. I immediately began to get a more calm feeling that I was in the right place.

After a lengthy question and answer period, you explained in detail what you were going to do, the results you were expecting to get back from the IRS, and the final reduced payout you expected to satisfy the IRS’s lien against me. When I left, my thoughts were that if I got the satisfaction of my debt reduced to even half of what you indicated, I would be more than pleased. That’s how confident I felt after our first get together.

Over a period of time and with regular up-dates of your efforts working in my behalf, I realized I had been directed to a person who was putting 110% effort into helping me to get myself out from under the squeeze of the IRS. I knew my prayers were being answered.

Today, I received your short note stating I was no longer in debt to the IRS. Looking back to the first day we met, I can only say with a warm heart, now I know God sent me to his special angel. As it turned out, you became my IRS angel. I can never say “Thank you” enough for all that you were able to do on my behalf. Your results were well beyond what I had expected.

I hope you will include my short letter on your wall so that others can get the same feeling I got, when they read it. I can only hope and pray they also get the same results from your sincere and thorough help as you provide me.