“You worked out a reasonable course of action I could live with…and overall strategy.”

By the time I received your advertisement, I was in a state of desperation because of the missed filings and the amount of money I owed the IRS. I couldn’t sleep and it was affecting my health. First, you lifted me out of this pit of despair by buying me time. You then worked out a reasonable course of action that I could live with as well as an overall strategy to eventually get me free and clear. I had complete trust in you and everything you did justified that trust. The IRS told me that a person like you could do no more for me than I could do myself but this is a bold faced lie. When you are dealing with the IRS, you need a person like you who is knowledgeable and competent to shield you from them. You stayed on top of everything and kept me posted every step of the way. You made me feel like a special person and not just another customer.