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Tax Law at the Law Offices of Yael N. Lazar, P.C.

Taxes – there is no avoiding them, but there is a lot that can be done well within the guidelines of the law to reduce the hit to your wallet when tax time comes around.

As your assets grow, it becomes more important to protect them – and that is where our top tax attorneys can help. When you come in for a consultation, we will take a look at your entire portfolio and all of your assets – and we will create a personalized tax plan that will let you keep as much of your hard–earned money as possible.

Receiving our advice on tax matters will also greatly reduce the chance of being audited. However, if that unfortunate event occurs, we will do everything we can to make it go smoothly – including post–audit appeals and other kinds of representation.

If you are looking for a competent tax attorney who will fight for your rights, please do not hesitate to contact us – we are here to help.

Tax Relief Options at the Law Offices of Yael N. Lazar, P.C.

If you are being hit with Bank Levies & Wage Garnishments, we can help!

Audit Representation: Few things are more personally stressful than an IRS audit. But it does not have to be that way. We will deal with every request from the IRS, every discussion, and every round of paperwork. We review tax filings carefully. It might surprise you to know that we often find audit clients overpaying on their taxes. In these cases, we file an amended return where clients receive a refund from the IRS.

Installment Agreement: Many taxpayers, including businesses that owe payroll tax, can be set up with a monthly payment plan with the IRS. Guaranteeing a manageable monthly amount is crucial to your financial health. That is where we come in. We will tell you if this is your best option, and you will learn more about getting a reasonable installment agreement.

Offer In Compromise: Beware of anyone telling you they will settle your tax debt for pennies on the dollar. The fact is, 75% of offer in compromise applications are rejected, and sometimes there are better financial options. If an offer in compromise is right for you, we will file it properly, with the right documentation to support your case, and maximize your chances for a better deal.

For a free consultation about your options, call the Law Offices of Yael N. Lazar, P.C. today!

A strategic and intelligent approach

Do you have legal options? At most tax resolution companies, representation from licensed attorneys is not an option, providing limitations to your claim. In addition, some lawyers might not be aware that the tax code has changed, as a result of providing an exorbitant amount of legal services. Our proficiency and knowledge will afford the difference. Thinking outside the box for the best solutions for our clients is the rule and not the exception.


A virtually unaddressed option by most companies.

'Bankruptcy' is almost entirely absent from discussion in most other tax agencies? In recent years, the bankruptcy discussion has become extremely limited. As a result, individuals are unaware that filing for bankruptcy will sometimes secure complete liberation from tax debt. Filing for bankruptcy is more than likely a last alternative and, for some, it is truly the most ideal solution. This option should always be available to you, even if other companies are not qualified to file.

Claim For Refund

Discovering and resolving errors in the past.

Errors in previous year's tax return occur more frequently than most individuals would imagine. At the Law Offices of Yael N. Lazar, PC we will scrutinize your previous filings for errors, and walk you through the entire claims process.

Installment Agreements

A payment guide that is convenient for you.

Individual taxpayers and businesses are more frequently arranging for monthly payment plans with the IRS. It is our priority to help you manage comfortable payments that you can handle, which is why we provide the best options at a reasonable agreement.

Lower Your Taxes

Do you want lower taxes?

We can help you reduce your tax burdens with amended returns. These amended returns are also applicable to penalties and interest accrued. If your previous tax filing failed to account for every deduction that you are eligible for, we will review your returns and file amended returns.

We will also ensure proper audit assessment through our audit reconsideration, disputing and reducing what you owe if the audit was assessed improperly.

Sometimes there is a disagreement regarding the liability of an individual. In this case, we present an offer in compromise doubt as to liability.

In addition, there will be two instances where you will be eligible to sue the IRS. The first includes refusal of tax payment and filing of a petition in the US Tax Court. The second instance includes payment of the assessment, followed by filing in the US District Court for a reimbursement. We are here to represent you in any instance, as well as provide counsel on the best option regarding your position.

The Law Offices of Yael N. Lazar, PC is aware of technical faults made by many other firms regarding the innocent spouse argument. While the innocent spouse agreement can be a resolution for some individuals, we are here to inform our clients of other helpful methods, which include equitable relief and injured spouse.

Non-Collectible Status

Solutions for payment inability.

It is critical to your claim to speak to an attorney, prior to securing "non-collectible" status. Sure, articulating your claim to the IRS might grant the status of "non collectible," but if your position does not fulfill this status, you will face stringent collection from the IRS. We are dedicated to acquiring the necessary information that best defends your claim, as well as informing you every step of the way.

Offer In Compromise

Be educated.

Not all tax debt requires an offer in compromise application. Actually, 3/4 of these applications receive rejections and are not even the ideal solution. The Law Offices of Yael N. Lazar, PC will decide if an offer in compromise is your best solution, acquiring all of the vital credentials, and enhancing the best transaction.

Payment In Full

Reduce Penalties and Interest

The tax code can be confusing and the IRS understands its intricacy. As a result, stringent penalties are instated for violations. We can request penalty abatement if you had reasonable cause for not paying your taxes when they were due.

Tax Audit

Allow Credible Tax Lawyers To Provide A Trouble-Free Experience.

We understand the stress attached to the process of being audited. That is why we, personally, will be communicating with the IRS throughout the entire IRS audit process. Our expertise has shown that clients, more frequently than not, overpay taxes. We will meticulously analyze your tax files and, in the instant case, file an amended return for a reimbursement from the IRS.

Tax Court

The tax court allows for rebuttal to IRS assessment.

Suppose you feel that the IRS negligently determined your taxes. You are then free to rebut the assessment in tax court. It will be important for you to adhere to strict deadlines, which is why we are dedicated to managing your case and ensuring reduction of your debt.

Our firm has acquired a great deal of knowledge with the appeals procedure, managing claims, and filing petitions with the tax court. Tax law is our specialty and your peace of mind is our priority.

Oftentimes, settlement of tax claims occur prior to trial, as the IRS is encouraged to practice time-sensitive deadlines. Should you wish to address your claim within the tax court, the Law Offices of Yael N. Lazar, PC will gladly analyze and submit your strongest defense. In addition, we will manage your case if the IRS appeals the tax court decision, supplying all of the options in finalizing your claim.

At the end of the day, no two tax cases are the same. As a result of the varying circumstances, there are a number of solutions that we will meticulously articulate to you. You will, ultimately, be the one to make the final decision in choosing whether tax court accommodates your needs.

Voluntary Disclosure

Could you be tied to legal or criminal dealings?

The IRS requires individuals to declare all revenue earned annually, if you are a citizen of the United States or possess permanent residency. Many individuals are unaware that annual revenue encompasses any advantage producing profit. Failure to declare income earned can result in examination for tax evasion, steep monetary fines, and imprisonment.

In 2011, revisions to the Offshore Voluntary Compliance Initiative (OVDI) were made, maintaining stringent consequences for violation. An individual's claim, adherence to procedure, and management of the claim will orchestrate any legal penalties that ensue. The best thing one can do is to address the problem with the IRS first, as opposed to waiting for them to knock on your door.

The Law Offices of Yael N. Lazar, PC has acquired the knowledge and credibility to enforce a strong case. Please feel free to contact our office so that we can discuss all of your options and how we can effectively expedite them.

Tax Preparation

We can prepare your unfiled tax returns as well as the current year's filing.