Giving Back

Lazar Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Lazar Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in honor of the Lazar Brothers: Joseph, Moshe, Alexander and Leopald. Although Moshe was born in Romania, the other brothers were born in Belgium. One of the rare Jews in Antwerp who was not involved in the diamond business, their father worked in the transport business. In 1940, the family fled to France under the attack of Wehrmacht bombs in their father’s truck in an attempt to escape the advancing Nazi blitzkrieg. The family was arrested in southwest France and placed in Rivesaltes, a transit camp where they spent three years awaiting deportation to Auschwitz. The entire family survived the holocaust thanks to the French Underground, which helped them escape the camp.

The four brothers many years later married and had families of their own. They raised 8 children between them. Seven of them were girls. One of the major values instilled in their children was education, specifically that girls were capable of doing anything that boys could do, even better. Their children pursued college educations and are working in the fields of law, education, business and mental health.
The Lazar Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to further their legacy and values by providing scholarships to high school senior girls who demonstrate financial need and intend on pursuing a course of study in college in STEM. These girls seek careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Your contributions are greatly appreciated and tax deductible. We are a 501(c)(3) not for profit fund.

Thank you,
Yael N. Lazar, Esq.
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Lazar Memorial Scholarship Fund.