Giving Back

Angels for Austin

Our Mission is to benefit children suffering from Landau-Kleffner syndrome (LKS), also known as “infantile acquired aphasia””acquired epileptic    aphasia”or “aphasia with convulsive disorder,”  whether known by any of these names, is a rare childhood neurological syndrome.

Since LKS is a rare syndrome, little is known about it.  Very few medical practitioners are aware of its existence and virtually nothing about it is known by the educational system, legal community and the public.

We intend to increase awareness of LKS by providing public information to the parents of children suffering from LKS, to the educators working with children suffering from LKS, and the legal and medical communities.  We will also provide financially for legal services where appropriate to support children in what they might need from the medical, educational and legal systems.

Helping children suffering from Landau-Kleffner syndrome one child at a time.
Angels for Austin needs your support. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Yael N. Lazar, Esq.
Founder and Chairman of the Board of Angels for Austin.