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Before You End Up Bankrupt, Divorced or in Prison

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Let us file your current year’s tax return as well as all your previous unfiled returns!

Procrastinating only makes your chances of doing jail time that much worse. The IRS does not take kindly to those it has to “chase down”… And they will eventually chase you down, trust me.  It does not matter if it has been a few years and it seems like you have somehow “slipped through the cracks”.

Do not believe that you can somehow get off “footloose & fancy-free” if you have not filed your taxes.  Slipping through the cracks just does not happen.  However, the more willing you are to face up to your problem and seek a solution, the more likely it is that the IRS will not penalize you.

Why go through life being paranoid, looking over your shoulder, wondering when the IRS is going to jump out from the bushes and finally catch you?  Life is too short to live this way.  Even if it has been years since you have filed, you can get the IRS off your back, once and for all.

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